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metabolic fitness training for personal training


In the first course of becoming a Metabolic Fitness Expert we cover METs which details how to use precise exercise without a heart rate monitor. That is because I wanted you to be given the chance to understand how exercise intensity works and how it directly relates to your current level of fitness.

But, with a heart rate monitor we can make this a whole lot simpler.
Why? – When you wear a HR monitor, you are effectively monitoring your engine with a speedometer.

Yes, you are tapped into how hard your body is finding what you are doing!

Heart rate training can become very specific to a person’s goals and incorporate several levels of intensity to suit the kind of improvements you are wishing to make.

In this training course we examine 5 zones:

Zone 1: Conditioning Healthy Heart or Recovery Training

Zone 2: Improved Health Training or Stamina Building

Zone 3: Aerobic Capacity Training or Race Pace

Zone 4: Fitness Improvement Threshold Training or Developing Anaerobic Power

Zone 5: High Performance Peak Training or Peak Power Output


We also examine Heart Rate Precision for the following senarios:

  1. Weight Loss Training (Fat Loss – and not what you think!)
  2. Metabolic Conditioning for Increased Health and Vitality
  3. Beginner Conditioning Programme
  4. How to Know How Long to Exercise For
  5. When To Increase Duration and When To Increase Intensity
  6. Fitness Development
  7. Peak Training To Develop Metabolic Power
  8. How To Assess Your Anaerobic (Lactate) Threshold
  9. How to Exercise Your Anaerobic System
  10. Using Zones for Interval Training
  11. Advanced Zone Training for Aerobic Athletes and Sports
  12. How To Correctly Train in Each Zone
  13. Considerations for Athletic Performance Program Design
  14. Aerobic verses Anaerobic distances
  15. Mesocycle Training Considerations (pre/post season)

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