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Set yourself apart when you join the Metabolic Training Expert Membership Training Course delivered over 6 Monthly modules full of videos and tutorials for only $297 per month.

Here is what you get:

MONTH 1 Vo2 and METs

Start Using Metabolic Prescription today with month one’s quick start training guide

From a simple fitness test, you will grab one statistic and be able to create a detailed Metabolic Programme WITHOUT EVER MEETING THE CLIENT! You can therefore prescribe ANYONE, anywhere advanced metabolic training including:

  1. What speed they can walk and run and how long they are likely to be able to keep it up for
  2. How many calories they will burn doing any activity
  3. What speed and incline to set the treadmill at to exercise them at any intensity
  4. What sports they are fit enough for and what they would not be capable of performing well in (i.e.if they play singles tennis, is their level of fitness going to get in the way of their ability to perform) sport has two factors, skill and fitness ability.
  5. Tell you what intensity they are likely to become anaerobic
  6. Create a suitable energy balance programme using energy equation tactics
  7. nutrition numbers

MONTH 2 Become an Expert at Heart Rate Precision Training


Heart rate training can become very specific to a person’s goals and incorporate several levels of intensity to suit the kind of improvements you are wishing to make.

In this month we examine 5 zones:

Zone 1: Conditioning Healthy Heart or Recovery Training

Zone 2: Improved Health Training or Stamina Building

Zone 3: Aerobic Capacity Training or Race Pace

Zone 4: Fitness Improvement Threshold Training or Developing Anaerobic Power

Zone 5: High Performance Peak Training or Peak Power Output


We also examine Heart Rate Precision for the following senarios:

  1. Weight Loss Training (Fat Loss – and not what you think!)
  2. Metabolic Conditioning for Increased Health and Vitality
  3. Beginner Conditioning Programme
  4. How to Know How Long to Exercise For
  5. When To Increase Duration and When To Increase Intensity
  6. Fitness Development
  7. Peak Training To Develop Metabolic Power
  8. How To Assess Your Anaerobic (Lactate) Threshold
  9. How to Exercise Your Anaerobic System
  10. Using Zones for Interval Training
  11. Advanced Zone Training for Aerobic Athletes and Sports
  12. How To Correctly Train in Each Zone
  13. Considerations for Athletic Performance Program Design
  14. Aerobic verses Anaerobic distances
  15. Mesocycle Training Considerations (pre/post season)



MONTH 3 Complete in-depth How To for Metabolic Calculations and Metabolic Programming including:


  • How to Calculate Kcals, Mets, Watts etc. for ANY Type of Activity!
  • Create Precise Running Programs or Calculate Kcals & Mets For Any Distance and Speed.
  • Learn How to Design Your Own Fitness and Step Tests
  • Calculate Uphill Running and Walking To Create a Customized Program
  • Learn How to Program Using Watts
  • Receive a FREE Metabolic Assessment Form to Use With Clients
  • Learn to perform advanced metabolic predictions without ever meeting the client
  • Prepare for the American College of Sports Medicine ACSM Health Fitness Instructor (HFI) Certification



MONTH 4 Exercise Physiologist background knowledge - How to understand Exercise Science and Research to stay ahead of your field


In month 4 you will go deep into the physiology behind exercise prescription so you can confidently stand your ground in this must know topic for any fitness professional, personal trainer. Don’t wonder what they mean when reading in depth exercise physiology and research – instead be able to quickly take apart the information and use it with your clients. You will learn and indepth understanding of the following key components of Exercise Physiology:

Muscle Physiology for Trainers and Health Professionals

  • Structure of a Muscle
  • Muscle Contraction
  • Fiber Types

Circulatory System for Trainers and Health Professionals

  • Structure of the Heart, Lungs, Arteries and Veins
  • Cardiac Output [Q]
  • Blood Circulation
  • Tissue Exchange

Energy System for Trainers and Health Professionals

  • Energy Substrates – ATP, Glucose, FFA
  • The Phosphagen System
  • Anaerobic Glycolysis
  • Oxidative
  • How the Energy Systems Interact

Reading and Understanding Research and Exercise Journals

  • Where to find research
  • How to understand a research article
  • Types of research and what to look for in a good research article
  • Applying research in Fitness, Weight Loss and Sports Performance

Putting It All Together – from Science to Practice!

  • Relating and using Exercise Science to Exercise Prescription
  • Uses in Fat Loss
  • Uses in Muscle Hypertrophy
  • Uses in Sports Performance


MONTH 5 Metabolic Workouts..


There are a couple of decent sites offering what has been called metabolic exercise so we will examine what type of exercises are good for high end metabolic training and why. We will then recommend additional sources where you can dig deeper if necessary to round off your metabolic exercise prescription with your learned metabolic science.


MONTH 6 Become an expert in your field by integrating everything you learned and applying it.


When you do this, you will simply be in a league of your own! Most trainers haven’t a clue when it comes to Metabolic Training beyond using multi-joint circuit training. Some will use a basic fitness test – without understanding what they are doing beyond referring to basic fitness charts but most will not even do any testing. So at best we see most people who provide exercise prescription using generic tools such as 220-age and the ‘fat burning zone’. This only serves to help you stand out and command high fees for your high value service and expertise.

This month we have an overview of everything you learned and then we prepare you for the next level – to go out and use you vast knowledge and become a Master in Metabolic Training! Here is an overview of month five:

The Scope of Metabolic Training

  • What is a Metabolic Trainer?
  • What is the Scope of Metabolic Training?
  • Who are the Metabolic Trainers Clients?
  • Why test or train your metabolic system?
  • What abilities does the Metabolic Trainer have that others don’t
  • What are the 3 main types of client for Metabolic Training?

Metabolic and Energy Physiology – Advanced

  • What is Energy Balance?
  • What energy substrates are utilised during exercise, is it really individual?
  • What is exercise physiology?
  • Can you help me understand Respiratory Quotient (RQ)
  • What are the Anatomical and Physiological adaptations to metabolic training
  • What are the ATP replenishment times?
  • Why is mitochondria important?
  • What about fat and carbohydrate metabolism?
  • What do I need to know about fat metabolism in the overweight population?
  • What is the relationship between metabolism and the energy balance equation?
  • What exactly is Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)
  • RMR – How does our industry measure it now?
  • What is meant by Active Metabolic Rate?

Metabolic Assessments

  • What are the 2 components of Metabolic Assessment?
  • What type of Vo2 Max Test should I use and why?
  • How do I determine the clients total energy output?
  • Why is the physiological reason that no single diet fits all?
  • How do I determine and change “lifestyle calories”
  • What are some types of Metabolic fitness tests?
  • Before you test – how do you set the stage for exercise testing?
  • When is Physical Clearance required and how?
  • What are the essential pre-appraisal instructions prior to testing?
  • How do I conduct a Multi-Stage Metabolic Fitness Assessment?
  • How do I conduct an Anaerobic Threshold Fitness Assessment?
  • Reading and interpreting the test results from Metabolic Testing Equipment
  • How do I analyse the metabolic data results?

Detailed Metabolic Programme Design

  • Metabolic Trainer and prescribing accurate heart rate training zones
  • Metabolic Trainer and Advanced Weight Loss Design
  • Metabolic Trainer and Accurate Fitness Development Programming
  • Metabolic Trainer working with Athletic / Sports Performance clients/teams



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