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LEAD the Field in METABOLIC SCIENCE ... Become a "MASTER Metabolic Trainer" in 2022... and set yourself apart from the crowded competition


HURRY! Registration is almost full for the Next Online EXPERT SERIES which releases on MAY 2nd, 2022.

Let me ask you some questions...

Is your training great, but no one knows you exist?

Are you sick and tired of being lumped in with all the other trainers?

Are you looking to build your credibility and expertise by adding a new niche to your service arsenal?

Would you like more training in Metabolic Science, METs, Heart Rate Zones etc., while setting yourself in a league of your own?

If You Answered “YES” To Any of These Questions, Then You Would Love our Metabolic Expert Training Series

How Does It Work?

“Metabolic Training Expert Series” is a 10-week online MASTERCLASS that’s divided into three main steps…


We’re going to build the knowledge you need to begin the launch of your new complete metabolic system using Vo2 and METs Testing, Advanced Heartrate Zone Training, Metabolic Formulas and Vo2 Programming Calculations, Metabolically based scientific personal exercise plans from Weight Loss through to Athletic and Sports Performance.

In short, you’ll know exactly which training to use for each type of client (so you can offer precise plans that can guarantee results. And, you will have plug and play forms and calculators to provide your clients with all the training reports and plans they need.


Step 2: EXPERT

We’re going to optimize and scale up your metabolic training expertise. You will be trained up to and beyond KSA’s of the worldwide prestigious ACSM C-PT + Metabolic Equations & Advanced Fitness Testing / Prescription.

YES, this includes our most popular Advanced Metabolic Equations Course where you master the equations to design a precise metabolic plan for any client in any sport or activity, without ever needing to meet them personally!

Then, if you choose to set up a Metabolic Testing Service (the gold standard in Metabolic Prescription) we give you the ability to read test charts and prescribe precise metrics produced from Metabolic Resting and Exercise Testing equipment that either you own or team up with an existing testing center. 



We’re going to get you up and running your new service locally and globally by helping you launch your “Metabolic Training Expert Services” using our unique BUSINESS LAUNCHPAD to anyone even if you never actually meet them,  meaning you can offer your service Worldwide and give accurate, personalised metabolic programs with fast results!

In short, you will have what it takes to begin a new income stream and discover how to set yourself apart from your competitors.


By the time we’re finished, you’ll have a “Complete New Metabolic Training Service” to use for yourself, your business and your clients / patients / members. Plus with just a little part-time maintenance, you can grow and scale your services whilst dramatically increasing your expertise and client results”.  



Nine modules delivered over 10 weeks, where you’ll have the opportunity to complete all 3 steps to becoming a world class Metabolic Expert and during this time you will be practicing and applying your new skills and using the business launchpad you will discover ways to expand your Metabolic Training Service locally and worldwide.


This is not a training you do alone, we will support you all the way. Each month during your 10 weeks, you will also be able to jump on a live call with the creator of this training (JJ Armstrong M.Sc) to answer all your questions on what you have covered so far.


So at the end of the 3 steps, you’ll have all the assets you need to roll out your own expertise into a high end specialized Metabolic Training Consultancy Service.

These steps include foundation and advanced metabolic training science designed and sequenced to round off your expertise including …




From a simple fitness test, you will grab one statistic and be able to create a detailed Metabolic Programme WITHOUT EVER MEETING THE CLIENT! You can therefore prescribe ANYONE, anywhere advanced metabolic training including:


  1. What speed they can walk and run and how long they are likely to be able to keep it up for
  2. How many calories they will burn doing any activity
  3. What speed and incline to set the treadmill at to exercise them at any intensity
  4. What sports they are fit enough for and what they would not be capable of performing well in (i.e.if they play singles tennis, is their level of fitness going to get in the way of their ability to perform) sport has two factors, skill and fitness ability.
  5. Tell you what intensity they are likely to become anaerobic
  6. Create a suitable energy balance programme using energy equation tactics
  7. nutrition numbers




In section 2 of step one, we get deep into designing and delivering advanced Heart rate training so your workout plans will become very specific to a person’s goals and incorporate several levels of intensity to suit the kind of improvements you are wishing to make.


In this module we examine the 5 zones of Heart Rate Precision Training:

Zone 1: Conditioning Healthy Heart or Recovery Training

Zone 2: Improved Health Training or Stamina Building

Zone 3:
Aerobic Capacity Training or Race Pace

Zone 4:
Fitness Improvement Threshold Training or Developing Anaerobic Power

Zone 5:
High Performance / Athletic Peak Training or Peak Power Output




We also examine Heart Rate Precision for the following scenarios:

-> Weight Loss Training (Fat Loss – and not what you think!

-> Metabolic Conditioning for Increased Health and Vitality

-> Beginner Conditioning Programme

-> How to Know How Long to Exercise 

-> When To Increase Duration and When To Increase Intensity

Fitness Development

-> Peak Training To Develop Metabolic Power

-> How To Assess Your Anaerobic (Lactate) Threshold

-> How to Exercise Your Anaerobic System

-> Using Zones for Interval Training

-> Advanced Zone Training for Aerobic Athletes and Sports


How To Correctly Train in Each Zone

-> Considerations for Athletic Performance Program Design

-> Aerobic verses Anaerobic distances

-> Mesocycle Training Considerations (pre/post season)

Step 2

Brush up your knowledge in


EXERCISE PHYSIOLOGY, Testing & Prescription ready to sit for the GOLD Standard Certification. 




This step is where you’ll get access to our special accelerated learning and go deep into the physiology behind exercise prescription so you can confidently stand your ground in this must know topic for any fitness professional, personal trainer.

Don’t wonder what they mean when reading in depth exercise physiology and research – instead be able to quickly take apart the information and use it with your clients.

You will learn an in-depth understanding of the following key components of Exercise Physiology and undergo revision training such as:


Muscle Physiology 2.0

for Trainers and Health Professionals
Structure of a Muscle
Muscle Contraction
Fiber Types
Muscle GTO / Spindle Feedback System


Circulatory System 2.0

for Trainers and Health Professionals
Structure of the Heart, Lungs, Arteries and Veins
Cardiac Output [Q]
Heart Rate Response
Blood Circulation
Vo2 Physiology
Tissue Exchange


Energy System 2.0

for Trainers and Health Professionals
Energy Substrates – ATP, Glucose, FFA
Phosphagen CP-PC System
Anaerobic Glycolysis System
Oxidative System
How the Energy Systems Interact


Reading and Understanding Research and Exercise Journals

Where to find research
Why you should & shouldn’t use abstracts for
How to read and understand a research article
Types of research
What to look for in a good research article
Applying research in Fitness, Weight Loss and Sports Performance


Putting It All Together – from Science to Practice!

Relating and using Exercise Science to Exercise Prescription
Uses in Fat Loss
Uses in Muscle Hypertrophy
Uses in Sports Performance

In fact, we go over all the KSA’s necessary to sit advanced certification and take your testing and prescription to a whole new level.




This module is where you’ll get access to a deep dive into advanced metabolic programming

  • How to Calculate Kcals, Mets, Watts etc. for ANY Type of Activity!
  • Create Precise Running Programs or Calculate Kcals & Mets For Any Distance and Speed.
  • Learn How to Design Your Own Fitness and Step Tests
  • Calculate Uphill Running and Walking To Create a Customized Program
  • Learn How to Program Using Watts
  • Receive a FREE Metabolic Assessment Form to Use With Clients
  • Learn to perform advanced metabolic predictions without ever meeting the client
  • Prepare for the American College of Sports Medicine ACSM Health Fitness Instructor (HFI) Certification


Advanced Metabolic Testing & Prescription


So in case you think we have covered everything, we dive even deeper into topics that pertain to specialised metabolic testing and prescription such as:


The Scope of the Metabolic Testing and Prescription Consultant

  • What is a Metabolic Testing Consultant?
  • What is the Scope of Metabolic Training Equipment?
  • Who are the Metabolic Consultant Clients?
  • Why test or train your metabolic system?
  • What abilities does the Metabolic Consultant have that others don’t
  • What are the 3 main types of client benefit most by a Metabolic Consultant?

Metabolic and Energy Physiology – Advanced

  • What energy substrates are utilised during exercise, is it really individual?
  • What is exercise physiology?
  • Can you help me understand Respiratory Quotient (RQ)
  • What are the Anatomical and Physiological adaptations to metabolic training
  • What are the ATP replenishment times?
  • Why is mitochondria important?
  • What about fat and carbohydrate metabolism?
  • What do I need to know about fat metabolism in the overweight population?
  • What is the relationship between metabolism and the energy balance equation?
  • What exactly is Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)
  • RMR – How does our industry measure it now?
  • What is meant by Active Metabolic Rate?

Metabolic Assessments

  • What are the 2 components of Metabolic Assessment?
  • What type of Vo2 Max Test should I use and why?
  • How do I determine the clients total energy output?
  • Why is the physiological reason that no single diet fits all?
  • How do I determine and change “lifestyle calories”
  • What are some types of Metabolic Consultant fitness tests?
  • Before you test – how do you set the stage for exercise testing?
  • New Guidelines: When is Physical Clearance required and how?
  • What are the essential pre-appraisal instructions prior to testing?
  • How do I conduct a Multi-Stage Metabolic Fitness Assessment?
  • How do I conduct an Anaerobic Threshold Fitness Assessment?
  • Reading and interpreting the test results from Metabolic Testing Equipment
  • How do I analyse the metabolic data results?

How a Metabolic Consultant Conducts Metabolic Programme Design

  • Metabolic Consultant prescribing accurate heart rate training zones
  • Metabolic Consultant and Advanced Weight Loss Design
  • Metabolic Consultant and Accurate Fitness Development Programming
  • Metabolic Consultant working with Athletic / Sports Performance clients/teams


BUSINESS Launch Pad! 


Launching, Structuring, and Optimization

In this STEP you’ll actually LAUNCH your new service.


When you do this, you will simply be putting yourself in a league of your own! It is true that most trainers haven’t a clue when it comes to Metabolic Training beyond using multi-joint circuit training.

Some will still be using a basic fitness test – without understanding what they are doing beyond referring to generic fitness charts. Worse still, many trainers and health professionals will not even do any testing.

At best we see most who provide exercise prescription use generic tools such as 220-age and the ‘fat burning zone’ (yes, it is true!). But this is no problem for you… in fact they only serve to help you stand out and command higher fees for your high end value based service and expertise.

This step provides an overview of everything you learned and how it fits into your new business service. We prepare you for the next level – to go out and use you vast knowledge and begin mastering Vo2 training, HR Zone Training and International MET testing and prescription!

BONUS: Over 60 Done-For-You, Fitness Forms and Calculators As a bonus, you'll also get ONE YEAR FREE access to over 60 (and growing) "plug and play" advanced testing and programming "automatic pre-built" forms

Become a Master Metabolic Training Expert

For Registration Details

Visit The JJ Armstrong Academy


Deploying The MASTER Metabolic Trainer System Just. Flat. Works.


The Metabolic Trainer Expert System Framework has been tested in dozens of scenarios and hundreds of clients, in everything from: 

B2B to B2C…
Weight Loss Precision Planning…
Athletes and Sports Professionals…
online to offline…

So, whether you’re a tiny “kitchen table” startup or run a successful training enterprise, the Metabolic Trainer Expert System will deliver results for you.


We call them “Metabolic Cheat-forms (CFs)” because they’re pulled straight out of our advanced Metabolic Fitness Forms database.  



These “CFs” make deploying a metabolic testing and training system in your business super simple. Just pick from the list “cheat forms” that best fit the current NEEDS for your client. 

For example…

Need more specific Vo2 Tests? There are CFs for that.  

Need to give a personalised full metabolic weight loss plan? There are CFs for that.

Need to quickly calculate results from a field test? There are CFs for that.

Need to generate a sophisticated full metabolic profile to impress an important client? There are CFs for that.  



While the training itself is critical, this Metabolic Toolkit along with the Business Launch Pad and Worldwide Scaling System is easily worth many times the price of admission in this training all by itself. For example, in the launch pad “plays” there’s the…

The “Capture” Play, which is used to generate email leads and subscribers.

The “Video Authority Amplifier” Play, which is used to deliver value-in-advance, expertise building to cold traffic while still generating qualified leads and sales.

The “Local Expert” Play, which is used to get people crossing the threshold of your local business.

The “Relay” Play which is used, quite simply, to turn existing attention into new cash.

And this is just a sample of the plays you’ll have access to in the business launchpad.

There are several Business Building and Scaling Plays with more being added all the time; and your about to gain access to the entire Playbook when you register for and complete this online training system!

Still Wondering If This Is For You?

This Checklist Should Help…

“Metabolic Training Expert Series” is for you if you know your product or service is great, but it just isn’t getting the interest and attention it deserves… 

“Metabolic Training Expert Series” is for you if you’re a personal trainer or health professional and you don’t want to miss out on attracting clients who want a more specialised heart rate precision or advanced metabolic service…

“Metabolic Training Expert Series” is for you if you’re an independant personal trainer or training company, health professional or run a fitness training service, and you want to ensure you deliver not only ADVANCED TESTING AND PRECISE WORKOUTS to your clients, but also be ready to grow a client base and scale over time without you having to train them personally or be limited to a small location radius… 

“Metabolic Trainer Expert Series” is for you if you’re an expert trainer but you still want to see what we do differently as a Metabolic Specialist, and finally…

“Metabolic Trainer Expert” is for you if you’re a new trainer and you want to learn from one of the best and MOST EXPERIENCED.

“Metabolic Trainer Expert” is NOT for you if your product or service doesn’t deliver value above and beyond what you’re charging your clients.

“Metabolic Training Expert Series” is NOT for you are not certified and qualified to deliver fitness training services and advice.

“Metabolic Trainer Expert” is NOT for you if your goal is to simply “add more qualifications without being serious about dramatically increasing your knowledge and becoming a better more skilled at exercise testing and programming .”

HURRY, The Metabolic Trainer Expert MASTERCLASS Series is only open to just a few students per release. Therefore access is limited to join the next start date which commences shortly.



JJ Armstrong holds a Masters Degree (M.Sc) in Fitness Science, is a former ACSM workshop and certification director and has built and sold fitness businesses across Europe.

An expert in metabolic testing, science and programming she is a former Army Physical Training Instructor, and led training teams, delivered education and training to the fitness industry for more than 35 years.

In her extensive career at both sides of the Atlantic, JJ has built and sold fitness businesses worth over $200,000 and trained and certified 1,000’s of Personal Trainer and Allied Health & Fitness Professionals to become in Metabolic Testing and scientific metabolic equations.

She has also created, deployed and automated more than 80 Fitness Forms and Automatic Calculators after testing on 1,000’s of clients.

JJ will be your personal coach through this advanced training via your own on demand online metabolic science and expert training course.

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What, specifically, will I have when I finish this class that I don’t have today?

A: By the time this workshop is finished, you’ll have a full indepth understanding of a “Metabolic Training Expert” and a metabolic training business launch plan with marketing and funnel training that can be used for scaling business potential. 

Q: What if I don’t have a client base? Will this still work for me?

A: Absolutely! Metabolic Trainer Expert is all about transforming your services to offer to high-value clients, so no, you don’t need a client to get value from this workshop (but if you put everything you learned into action you absolutely WILL have clients by the time we’re finished!!).

Q: What if I don’t have a product or a service?

A: You don’t need to have a finished product to benefit from this workshop, but you should at least have an idea in mind. You need to at least have the ability to deliver value over and above what you plan to add and charge your clients.

Q: How long will it take to implement the framework and see results?

A: Results obviously vary, but allowing for growing your knowledge and testing, you can expect the entire process, from idea to actual launch, to take 12 – 18 weeks. As we start actionable training from the first week your results can be fast, but this is a fairly conservative timeline that you should be able to meet. 

That said, the Metabolic Expert Knowledge, skills and abilities are critical assets in any personal training / health professional business, and they shouldn’t be rushed.

Q: How is this workshop delivered? 

A: This workshop is delivered 100% online. Each couple of weeks a new module will unlock, at which time you’ll receive access to all the training videos, worksheets, and downloads you need to complete that module’s training and any assignments. We like to update the content when needed as this allows you to login from any computer all around the world and receive the information at any time.

Q: How much overlap is there between this and other Metabolic Training Expert courses and certifications?

A: While certain other courses and certifications are available, we pride ourselves on offering you the most comprehensive and advanced Metabolic Expert (all in one) course anywhere. Also JJ has put together an extremely advanced yet easy to follow, combination to give you EVERYTHING you could need to launch, deliver and scale your personal metabolic specialist service.

Q: What if I’m not very knowledgeable in Exercise Science ? Will I be able to implement everything I’m learning?

A: While you don’t have to hold a relevant degree, you can’t be a complete beginner if you want to succeed in this workshop (or metabolic programming in general). That said, if you’re comfortable with basic exercise testing and workout planning and internet usage (and you’re willing to put in the effort to develop your knowledge), you should be just fine. 

Also, remember that you are also getting private, access to our special facebook page as a bonus with this workshop, and that includes metabolic testing and programming technical-related questions. 

Q: What will happen immediately after I complete my registration?

A: After you submit your order, you’ll create a username and password. This is how you’ll access the members area, which is where you’ll find all of the video content, download the handouts, and access the first training modules. You will also receive an email confirmation of your purchase for your records.

Q: Can I get access to the training all at once, or do I have to go through it week-by-week?

A: While we can appreciate that our students are excited and wish to progress through the training as quickly as possible, we know from experience that the best results happen when students progress at the recommended pace. 

Q: How long will I have access to the online workshop lessons?

A: In a word: Indefinitely. While the training itself will last 12 weeks, and the coaching access will extend an additional 90 days after the all the courses lessons has ended, you will have ongoing access to the video lessons and handouts, so you can repeat and re-live the training whenever you like.

Q: What if I have questions or need support?

A: We are here to help. Simply submit any questions you have to our support team via our contact form. Also, once you’re enrolled in the workshop you will be given the ability to ask questions on any of the lessons right on the lesson page itself. You’ll also have private access to a members area where you will find additional support and the ability to ask and keep a copy of any help and advice you might need. You will also find dates and times where you can find JJ hanging around to answer you personally!

Q: Why should I invest in this training today as opposed to waiting until later?

A: These workshops are only offered at select times during the year, so if you wait to signup and it fills or closes, you could end up waiting a very long time for another class to start. 

But more importantly, why would you want to wait? 

The creation and roll out of a Metabolic Trainer System is the first, and perhaps one of the most critical steps to upgrading any fitness training business or brand, so there’s quite literally, nothing to wait for.


copyright 2022 – JJ Armstrong M.Sc
all rights reserved.